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Insect to Feed the World Conference 2022

The fourth edition of the Insects to Feed the World Conference will take place in Québec City between June 12th to 16th, 2022. 

The conference has quickly earned a reputation for being the go-to meeting place to discuss novel foods and attracts renowned academics, governmental organisations, as well as leading industrial partners, pioneering the field of edible insects. As the world’s leading conference about all aspects of insects as food and feed, the Insects to Feed the World Conference provides a venue for extensive discussion about the foremost topics in the sector, as well as an opportunity for businesses in the sector to network and promote their products.

International experts in the field have been identified as keynote speakers in this year’s edition, including Karol B. Barragán-Fonseca from the National University of Colombia, Segenet Kelemu from the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe), Christine J. Picard from the Department of Biology at Indiana Purdue University, Jeffery K. Tomberlin from Texas A&M University and Arnold Van Huis from the Journal of Insects as Food and Feed.

The conference program’s fourth edition is expected to include ethno-entomology, insect production systems, circular economies and environmental sustainability, and non-food applications of insects.

The conference’s organising committee is keen to encourage the attendance of a range of industry stakeholders to attend the event, in order to discuss and promote the use of edible insects as a key component of sustainable agriculture and food systems, in the future, especially in view of sustainability, for their high-quality protein and nutrients.

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