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Dignity, Diversity And Inclusion Policy

At van Berings we recognize and appreciate all of the differences that make each of us unique. Upholding a culture of inclusion that fosters these differences is imperative for our business, our clients and the communities in which we live and work. Embracing a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds and experience allows us attract and retain the best talents and provide our Clients with the most considered and innovative advice.

From the very beginning we have strongly valued diversity and inclusion at the partners, associates and staff level as we firmly believe that addressing diversity and equality is not only an ethical principle but also an appropriate asset to efficiently deal with variety and complexity, both in life and at work, in an increasingly globalized world.

van Berings strives to guarantee equal accessibility and opportunity for all while seeking to ensure that everyone reaches their fullest potential.

For van Berings , dignity means mutual respect, as well as creating a positive and productive work environment. It also translates to not exposing each other to any harm in the form of abuse, bullying or harassment.

van Berings adheres to the following Policy Principles:
  • we provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants, without regard to race, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, gender identity, age, exual orientation, disability, political affiliation, or other comparable reasons;
  • everyone is offered equal access to learning opportunities in order to fulfil their individual potential;
  • our meritocracy based reward structures are fair and equitable;
  • we are committed to being an inclusive and diverse organization which celebrates difference and creates relationships of mutual res pect;
  • discriminatory , intimidating, humiliating or harm causing behaviors, such as bullying or harassment of any kind, are not being tolerated;
  • everyone has a responsibility to uphold these principles and speak out about negative behaviors and practices (either directly through;
  • informal discussion or by reporting them.
By implementing and following these principles, we strive to create a positive and productive environment that values each individual’s contributions to the benefit and success of all: our Clients, our community and our firm.

As a result, at van Berings you can expect:

  • a workplace that promotes equality and diversity;
  • a workplace free from abuse, bullying, harassment or victimization;
  • dignity, respect and courtesy;
  • fair treatment and equal opportunities;
  • experience no form of unlawful or unfair discrimination;
  • feel valued, listened to and supported when concern is raised.