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Responsible Consumption

At van Berings we encourage and implement an efficient and sustainable use of resources in order to reduce the overall waste generation. Responsible consumption constitutes a core value at our firm. In order to significantly reduce waste generation, and in general the environmental impacts of our purchases, we at van Berings prioritize reusable products over disposable ones and put in place an efficient waste segregation management for all offices.

When purchasing goods, environmental factors are deeply taken into account: in fact, given comparable quality, it is our policy to choose eco-friendly goods (both in terms of reusability and recyclability) over alternative ones, no matter if more expensive.

As part of our commitment, our premises are equipped with water filtering systems, and reusable water bottles are made available to all our associates and employees, thus effectively. reducing plastic waste. In addition, we encourage the reduction of paper use and file documents digitally wherever possible

Recyclability is another core value of our organization.