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International Trade & Investment Compliance

We help local and multinational corporations navigate the web of national and international regulations of increasing variety and complexity, from strict export controls to ever-expanding sanctions, enabling our Clients to anticipate issues, manage the risks and succeed in their endeavours.

Our attorneys of the van Berings’ International Trade and Investment Compliance Team regularly assist our Clients in developing and implementing flexible internal compliance strategies to reduce the risk of economic losses, liability and penalties that sanctions legislation can cause or impose, as well as to minimize business interruptions, inform transactional due diligence, uphold contractual representations and warranties, and protect business reputation and goodwill, including:

  • Conducting compliance reviews and internal investigations
  • Representing corporate interests in government investigations
  • Developing and implementing anti-corruption compliance programs
  • Monitoring entities’ compliance programs
  • Assessing potential risks associated with particular contracts, relationships or proposed business ventures, in relation to sanctions, export controls, anti-corruption, and foreign direct investment
  • Advising on export and sanctions licences
  • Advising on the EU Anti-Money Laundering Directives and Member States’ regulations
  • Advising on foreign investment regulations, including in particular in connection with contemplated transactions that may impact local national security
  • Evaluating transactions to determine if they necessitate a filing with local committees on foreign investment, developing strategies for approaching said committees, and assisting in the transaction review process which they may conduct
  • Assisting foreign subsidiaries of U.S. companies develop and implement local policies to comply with the requirements of License “H” under the JCPOA
  • Advising on the development and implementation of Customers Identification Programs or Customer Due Diligence

Our practice includes advising banks, securities broker-dealers, mutual funds, investment advisors, private equity funds, insurance companies, money services businesses, financial technology companies and other financial services businesses, and multinationals on how to comply with bank secrecy and anti-money laundering regulations.

We assist financial institutions and businesses in developing, enhancing and implementing anti-money laundering compliance programs, including customer due diligence and enhanced due diligence, suspicious activity identification and reporting.