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Environmental Law

Our attorneys of the van Berings’ Environmental Team bring deep experience and nuanced environmental knowledge in environmental regulatory compliance, enforcement and litigation recognizing that environmental problems relating to a parcel of real estate, a commercial or industrial facility, or an operating concern often first come to light in the context of a business transaction Consistently, they provide advice with respect to the structure and terms of such transactions to ensure that known and potential liabilities are properly allocated to protect the Client’s interests.

van Berings’ Environmental Law Team is well positioned to represent and counsel Clients in domestic and cross-border environmental matters including transactional, land use, and regulatory approvals, permitting, compliance, agency rule-making and legislation, enforcement actions, occupational health and safety, toxic tort and litigation.

Having significant experience regarding local environmental protection agencies’ appropriate inquiries standards for environmental due diligence, the van Berings’ Environmental Team performs legal environmental due diligence investigations including assessment of real estate, regulatory compliance or operations, historical environmental matters, and other issues.

Our attorneys of the van Berings’ Environmental Team have long-standing experience in advising on solid and hazardous waste management and recycling issues, on site and off site response actions, waste facility permitting, site investigations, and compliance issues. They have a similar depth of experience representing clients who find themselves entwined as defendants in private party or government litigation, whether as past or present owners or operators of clean-up sites, or generators of hazardous substances that are the subject of private or government response actions. We have also represented plaintiffs seeking cost recovery and hazardous waste clean-up remedies.

The van Berings’ Environmental Law Team coordinates with the firm’s other practices to assist domestic and multinational clients with:

  • assessment and management of environmental liabilities in corporate and financial transactions
  • environmental reporting and securities disclosure obligations
  • regulatory compliance with environmental programs
  • representation in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings
  • management of complicated risk and liability assessments, including site remediation activities and chemical use and registration requirements

covers all aspects of environmental law, including:

  • environmental litigation and enforcement
  • environmental due diligence and transactional advice
  • environmental compliance and regulatory advice
  • EU environmental directives and regulations
  • climate change, renewable energy and clean technology
  • environmental advice on infrastructure and project development and finance
  • national and international emission reduction
  • structuring, financing, and undertaking of emissions trading projects
  • site remediation

Our attorneys of the van Berings’ Environmental Law Team routinely advise with respect to requirements for permits, variances, and exemptions for new or existing facilities or industrial processes; hazard communication; chemical process safety; routine and emergency reporting; waste management and disposal; hazardous waste clean-up, urgent containment measures and remediation; emissions banking; and day-to-day compliance matters, pollution prevention and recycling issues, underground storage tank requirements, and wetlands issues, including:

  • Negotiate environmental aspects of corporate transactions, including structuring purchase, sale and merger documentation to allocate and mitigate environmental risk in order to protect clients from unanticipated post-closing responsibilities.
  • Provide counsel regarding real estate transfers, site characterization and remediation, development projects and associated land use issues, including the negotiation of environmental deed restrictions, conservation easements and environmental insurance policies.