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Real Estate

van Berings’ Real Estate and Construction Team has extensive experience, which helps partner our Clients through the most relevant legal and business issues surrounding all phases of a development project, from site acquisition and assembly, due diligence, forming the initial relationships with funders and development partners, and construction procurement through to completion, letting or sale of the completed project.

We have assisted all key stakeholders in development projects: owners, developers, contractors, funders, purchasers and tenants, addressing all necessary requirements towards the relevant parties, including phased access, co-ordination with technical fit-out, commissioning or integrated system testing.

van Berings’ has invested heavily in understanding the real estate industry and its sophisticated ramifications, and leverages this in-depth knowledge, creative deal-making, and diligent and cost-efficient service to help its Clients achieve their goals and overcome the key challenges that development projects bring along.

In structuring development projects, as well as traditional partnerships and contractual joint ventures, we create innovative corporate structures, including foreign and domestic limited partnerships and side-by-side leasing, partnering and alliancing arrangements, to help satisfy our clients’ tax and management requirements.

We help set up efficient structures for real estate investment vehicles, including real estate funds, joint ventures, partnerships and limited partnerships. We have extensive experience of advising property vehicles and private investors on the reconfiguration of property portfolios, including PropCo/OpCo arrangements, and act in M&A deals in sectors where property is a key asset.

We have particular experience serving real estate law clients in the areas of major office buildings, including purchases, financing, sales, space leasing and ground leasing of office buildings, fashion outlet and development sites, retail leasing.

van Berings’ Real Estate and Construction Team also handles joint ownership arrangements, including condominiums, cooperatives and tenancies-in-common, arranges workouts of distressed properties and counsels owners in offering real estate investment trust (REIT) shares.

We make sure the contractual arrangements reflect project administration procedures to avoid disputes, and we assess technical schedules to ensure consistency with contract terms and conditions.


van Berings’ Real Estate and Construction Team's in-depth knowledge and experience help Clients face increasingly complex issues in their development projects, from towering office, speciality and residential developments to high end retail lease fit-outs, and identify and resolve the multifaceted challenges involved in their construction projects.

van Berings’ Real Estate and Construction Team services include: assisting in the selection of appropriate development and construction project delivery methods; reviewing deal and loan terms relating to design and construction requirements; framing, drafting and negotiating development, design, and construction contracts and ancillary agreements, adjoining property license and access agreements, and representation in construction litigation.